In-house training for individuals When your key personnel have to get up to speed quickly, we recommend individual training, one-on-one with a teacher. Ideally, that would be for 8 units (6 hours) every day for two weeks. However, not many people can take such a long time away from their work. Therefore, courses for individuals are fully-flexible and lessons are arranged to suit your trainees' schedules. In-house training for groups Your groups can be as big or as small as you wish. Larger groups work well for lower-level participants, as their more-fundamental grammar and vocabulary needs are similar. If your course-participants are a more advanced level, they will want to focus on very job-specific language training. Engineers and accountants may not be the best match in one group, so it's important that you decide if group members really fit well together. Please read our section on testing for how we can help you with all of this. Group lessons are typically once per week, for 2 units (90 minutes). How long is a course? We can give you on-going lessons throughout the year, or perhaps you prefer a season of 20, 12 or even 10 weeks. It's completely up to you. Mid-course assessment and training materials After the first five meetings we like to sit down with you and discuss how your courses are progressing and how we think they should continue. There are some excellent Professional English coursebooks on the market today to suit every level, so we feel it's a good idea not to buy one until it's really clear what's needed. During the first weeks we only use materials that we have written. All your lessons are backed-up online with tailor-made audio and video materials, and additional exercises to download. Please find examples of those, here on our website.