To help you put people of a similar level into groups, we've made a secure, confidential, online test. It's very easy to do. The instructions are in Finnish, and people can do it on their mobile phones. It takes about 30 - 40 minutes. The way the test works is that you give everybody a unique PIN- code and the URL link to the test. The PIN should be something like the first three letters of your company name, then a three-digit number for each student. E.g.: NOK008, NOK009, etc. Your test-takers log into the test with their PIN and the password that we give you, and complete the 98 questions. We receive all the results automatically and put them into a spreadsheet, which we send to you. You can then decide who goes into which group. We'll make some suggestions to help. We collect no names or email addresses. All we see is PIN codes. The test is also important for us to plan your lessons. Even if you have just one student who needs training, we ask that they also complete it. If you would like to evaluate the test, please email us and we’ll send you the password - and your result. There are also some short, fun quiz tests that don’t need a PIN or password for everybody to try in the Learning Materials section of this website.